Congresso de Convergencia

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Registration for the Fifth International Congresso n Convergence is now open.


All people interested in participating in the Fifth International Congress on Convergence should register via the site, completing the form according to their category, as per the summary-table below.



We remind you that before submitting a paper, you must first register as a participant.


Professionals (Brazil)

Professionals *(from abroad)

Up to 3 years of training (Brazil)

Up to 3 years of training *(from abroad)

Undergraduate Student

Graduate Student*(from abroad)

Until March 19, 2012

R$ 280,00

U$ 160,00

R$ 170,00

U$ 95,00

R$ 120,00

U$ 60,00

From March 20 to April 13, 2012

R$ 320,00

U$ 180,00

R$ 200,00

U$ 115,00

R$ 150,00

U$ 70,00

From  April 14 to June 22, 2012

R$ 380,00

U$ 220,00

R$ 250,00

U$ 140,00

R$ 180,00

U$ 90,00




Papers can be submitted by participants who have already registered. There will be three modalities:

- Plenaries (these papers will be presented by delegates of the organizing institutions)

- Cartels and work groups (connected to one or more organizing institutions)

- Individual interventions (open to members of the organizing institutions)

Deadline to submit titles of papers: March 19th, 2012.

The final program of the Congress will be subject to adaptations required by the organizing institutions.